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What's the best way to write extensions that are not in Cabbage nor in CSound?

What’s the best way to write extensions that are not in Cabbage nor in CSound?

Should I merely use the ability to embed Python into CSound?

What other options are there?

Perhaps I could write a new CSound opcode and then use it? That is, if it’s a DSP algorithm.

If you want to add functionality to Csound you can write a new opcode, either as a UDO or as an opcode plugin. To develop opcode plugins you will need to know C/C++. What is it you are thinking about extending? If you’re into developing DSP algorithms then I’d suggest writing a UDO first and seeing how it runs. If it is too slow you rewrite it as C/C++ which will insure that it runs faster, although it will depend a lot on what you are trying to do.

I want an opcode that streams from web radios.

There are C/C++ libraries for getting the data from the web to an audio file, but in order to use these in Cabbage I think I need to have the reading done in an Opcode, even if I used a C/C++ library.

That sounds correct. Writing a new Csound plugin seems like the best choice.

BTW, does there already exist tutorials on writing such Opcodes?

If not, then I might write a blog entry about my project.

Hi @mviljamaa,

For writing in C: take a look at and

There is also a lot of things you will encounter just by using Google and hitting old posts to the csound-dev mailing list. Also, you can study existing plugins:

For writing in C++ I used this Opcode as template: But now there is a better way through the C++ plugin opcode interface ( Here is an example for the latter: