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Which GEN routine is closest to a simple array?

Trying to wrap my head around GEN routines. I really just want to use one as a simple array without doing anything fancy, specifically setting each index without any constraints and being able to then access the index. This is so I can use ftload and ftsave to transfer array data to a file, but my data needs to be in a function table to do so.

I’m partial to a bit of GEN02 :laughing:

I am not sure if GEN02 table sizes still need to be power of 2, maybe not. But you might want to use a negative GEN, i.e, -2. This will stop Csound from normalising all the table values, so when you access them with the table opcodes they don’t get compressed.

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I’ll experiment with those! GEN02 does look nice as a general purpose array. That’s good to know on the negative numbers. I also just discovered GEN23 which may actually be best for my use case.