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Why doesn't this work. I'm trying to do something based on whether it is the nth beat, but it does not update unless playing from the beat

Trying to make a simple ducker plugin. I have a UDO that checks whether or not it’s the first beat of a bar, to prevent misalignment in cases where I want to play from somewhere in the project other than the first beat. Now this updates when I’m hitting play from the first beat. however when I hit play from somewhere other than the first beat it doesn’t update correctly. I have no clue why. Maybe I’m overthinking it? Is there an easier way?

duck.csd (2.6 KB)

Just mentioning that I made an edit in case someone saw this before the edit. Added wrong file first time.

I suppose it doesn’t update often enough? Anyways here’s a solution.

duck.csd (2.6 KB)

This will only work for 120 bpm, I’m way too tired to bother with the math right now. but the idea works.

edit: forgot to take out a rudely named slider I used for testing purposes :rofl:

You’re on the right path. Using a UDO with ksmps set to 1 is the key. :+1:

Is " TIME_IN_SAMPLES" able to update at a rate? It doesn’t work even when ksmps is set to 1.

This is a tricky one. TIME_IN_SAMPLES will only ever be updated on each process block. So if your host is using a buffer of 64 samples, it will be updated on every 64 samples. With a SR of 44100, this means it updates every 1ms or so. With ksmps set to 1, you should check if time has passed a particular point rather than look for a specific time. What I mean is something like if TIME_IN_SAMPLES > 1, rather than if TIME_IN_SAMPLES == 1. Does this make sense? I"m not sure I’m explaining it well :grimacing:

Clever, I got it to work!

duck.csd (2.7 KB)

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