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Why is full screen view gone?


I’m running on OS X 10.12.6 (High Sierra). I used to be able to have Cabbage take over my entire screen, but, now, I can only get it to expand as far as the toolbar and dock will allow, not really full screen. Any idea if this is coming back at some point?


  • Nik

Thanks for the report @nicolas.marinel It certainly wasn’t by design. I’ll take a look :wink:

Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

I just checked my captain’s log :laughing: and this change came about form work done on updating the UI. To keep a consistent look and feel we disabled the native toolbar on OSX. So what I’ve done is added a new settings option to ‘Enable Kiosk Mode’. Once you enable this and restart Cabbage you will have full kiosk mode accessible once again.

Here’s the link to the latest build.

Thanks so much for the build! Apparently, the macOS version shows up with an error. :frowning: Sorry for the bother. The error reads “Bash exited with code ‘1’”.

Sorry, try this one…

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: