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Widget GUI reuses existing channels - causes overwrite

Apologies if this already exists as an issue. When creating elements through the GUI it will create a widget with a channel that already exists and replace the preexisting widget. I think this has something to do with how things are automatically generated, and if old widgets have been deleted or reordered.

What version of Cabbage are you using? I’m not sure I follow the issue here. The GUI editor will create unique channel names for every widget you drop onto your plugin. Are you doing something a little more than simply adding new widgets to your instrument?

I’m using version 2.8 on Windows 10. I’m not doing much more than creating widgets and editing them. Perhaps I broke it somehow :neutral_face: I’ve been using it for I think a little more than a week and have had it happen quite a bit. I don’t know how to explain it much better. I may be able to figure out how to make a video of it, though it’s sporadic. Basically, sometimes when I create a widget, the gui will assign a channel number that already belongs to another widget; it will also have the paramaters of the old widget except for dimensions which will not be reflected visually until saved or leaving edit mode. If I delete the widget I just created while in edit mode, it will also delete the other widget. If I save it, the old widget will dissapear.

I’ve noticed that it seems most likely to happen if I’ve deleted a bunch of the same type of widget previously.

Hmm, hard to get a hold of this one. Maybe you can run OBS the next time you’re editing and get a video of it? That would be simplest, otherwise, if it happens again, try to recreate the steps to see if you can make it occur each time you edit a .csd. Are you editing the widgets from the properties panel? Perhaps it’s a particular property that is causing the issue?

Yes, I’m primarily editing them from the properties panel.

Well let me know if you can reproduce the issue more consistently. I’ve no doubt that you have hit some kind of bug, but I’ve no way of resolving it until I can reproduce it here.

I’ve figured out the simplest number of steps to recreate the issue.

  1. create 2 widgets in the GUI editor
  2. delete the code for the the first widget in the text editor and save
  3. create another widget in the GUI editor

This new widget will be given the same channel as the existing widget. Any edits made to the new widget will be applied to the existing widget. When saved, the new one will disappear. I haven’t been able to reproduce the behavior in simple steps yet that causes the old widget to disappear while retaining the new widget, though it is probably from the same issue.

Great. This I can work with :wink: Leave it with me. :+1:

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