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Widgets showing through

I’m trying to create a plant that covers over the main gui. If you notice the “optionbutton”, the “save” and “remove” buttons from the main window (image 1) are getting displayed (image 2) when they should be obscured, and they are functional (image 3). I also noticed this happening with the texteditor, but I have since deleted that widget. And the texteditor was functional as well.

Can you prepare a simple example? It would take me some time to recreate this setup…

In making that test file, I realized that I didn’t add those widgets to the correct parent. Once I made the correct parent assignment, they no longer show through. But then again, because those objects were created before the overlay widget, I would think they wouldn’t just show through. I’ll have to check to see if the texteditor suffered from the same thing (not being added to the correct parent).

Please check: Little GUI widget slugs and wishes
I think this might be related?
[edit] I mean this part: “This fix apparently scrambled something else.”…" There is some transparency change and note also the line thickness change."