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Windows VST3 export is missing resources

Hey again,

so I’m trying to get a windows version of my plugin going and (just like on macos), none of the resource files the plugin uses are exported during the export process.

I had this issue on macos too but solved it by opening the contents folder and dropping the plugin resources in there. And according to the Steinberg docs, there should be a contents folder containing a resources folder. But strangely enough, what I find there is a bunch of system files and a folder called .rscs containing MANIFEST/{some kind of data file}.

At least Cabbage doesn’t complain about the plugin ID missing or something as it was the case on macos… Any ideas what’s going on?

Until then

You can use the bundle() identifier to export all your resources. As long as this folder is placed alongside your dll it will be found. Alternatively, you can place all resources, including your .csd file into a folder in C:/ProgramData/CabbageAudio/PluginName. Cabbage will search this dir when it opens and will load the relevant resources from there.

Is there such program folder path on macos? Also the bundle() opcode doesn’t work, at least it seems to not exist in my version of cabbage audio which is the latest stable build. What I mean is that bundle() is not displayed in any other color than white which should be the case if it’s an opcode native to the software.

Btw any idea why Ableton might not recognise the plugin? FL Studio and Reaper find the plugin but not Ableton…

The colour of the function doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It just means it not on the list of keywords that is passed to the syntax highlighter. It should work fine. Check your plugin bundle after you export and you should see the files you passed to bundle.

Have you signed the plugins? More and more DAWs on MacOS will not open a plugin unless its been signed.

Interesting, so far I can say that the bundling doesn’t work properly cuz when I load the plugin into Reaper, it’s still missing all textures and other resources besides the .csd file. How do I sign the plugin? I thought cabbage pseudo-signs any plugin by default (after all there is a signature folder inside the VST exports).

Can you check the plugin bundle and see what is in there? Cabbage will try to sign plugins on export but it’s not guaranteed to work. You may need to do it manually.