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Working in Cabbage & exporting in Juce?

Is this possible?

I would like to work in Cabbage with Csound and then import this project to Juce and export plugins for all platforms.

Why i want this?

1.I want to release my plugins for all plugins.(AAX,AU…)
2.I want to hide my codes.
3.People can use it without installing Csound.

I found this.

But not sure this is the way to do that.If it’s the way,can you tell me how?


I’m afraid you cannot do that as Cabbage, Csound and JUCE are 3 very different things. What you can do is learn C++ and then start using JUCE. There are some tutorials available here. If however, you wish to produce closed source plugins with JUCE you’ll need to buy a license. Cabbage uses JUCE under the terms of the GNU Public License.

Thanks for reply.

So you say they are different worlds…

But WLD-OL is free i believe,right?I can build plugins with it,i guess.

By the way any way to convert Csound to C++?I would like to convert my codes to C++.

Yeah, WLD-OL is free although it’s not as comprehensive as JUCE. There is no way to convert Csound code to C/C++, but all Csound code is C code in the first place. But the Csound source can be a little overwhelming. I’d suggest you use SoundPipe, or another dedicated DSP library with an appropriate license. If you understand the principals of signal processing in Csound it shouldn’t take too much time to apply them to other frameworks.

Cabbage is really good to learning coding.Thanks for this great project!

But i need to jump into C++ for more professional works.

I’m electronic(audio) engineer.I have knowledge about analog gears.I have some ideas.I want to turn my gears into digital world.

I hear you. Cabbage is good for quickly prototyping instruments, and great when it comes to personal music projects. But if you wish to break into the world of audio software development you’ll have no choice but to learn C/C++.