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XY PAD control GUI via DAW automation

I am planning to add a filter with XY control to a project, and was testing the examples/effects/filters/bandfilterII in ableton, and I noticed when I would try to control the XY pad parameters from the ableton mapping interface, the XY GUI does not move to visually represent the accurate position.

Cabbage XY Pad Daw Automation not visually represented video

Also as an aside, it looks like the range slider GUI does not affect the values of the filter when adjusted directly, I think this could be resolved by making the XY pad control the range slider and then the range slider controls the filter cuttoff values.

This other thread may be relevant, it looks like the automation of xy pad last year would bring down the host, maybe the GUI update was hacked out to bypass the issue? not sure.

Thanks for the report, I’ll have to look into this. But it won’t be till next week…

Ok, also if possible another thing I cant seem to do with they XY pad:

set the colour of the ball / lines / background

is that possible?
or could that be added to the docket?

this green is a bit outside my color scheme for the project, but the functionality is very cool for this.

You should already be able to change those colours?

I don’t see any mention of them in the documentation, where might I find the info?

xypad channel(“chan1”, “chan2”), text(“name”), textcolour(“colour”), bounds(x, y, width, height), value(val), identchannel(“channel”), visible(val), active(val), colour(“colour”), fontcolour(“colour”), alpha(val), tofront(), widgetarray(“chan”, number),

I only see colour and fontcolour
Also could be nice for us non europeans if cabbage treated color the same as colour. Its not a big deal but color is the way I was taught to spell it out here in the ass backward USA school system :stuck_out_tongue:

“4) The XY pad behaves a bit weird. The Y axis seems to be inverted. Also, colour() attribute, which previously used to change the colour of the ball, now changes the colour of the entire XY pad. Initial positions and values don’t seem to be set when the plugin starts. Sometimes, positions are slightly out of the bounds of the box.”
from Pre-release Cabbage 2 for testing - part 3

ballcolour() sets the colour of the ball. With regards to the range sliders not moving the ball position, that’s probably just an oversight on Iain’s part. It should be possible, but might leads to some weirdness due to precision. If you move a slider, it will move the ball, which will cause an event to be sent to the slider, causing an event sent to the ball, and so on. The size of the xypad will determine to some extent the resolution, which might not match the resolution of the sliders, ending up in a rather odd feedback loop of sorts. You know what I mean? From a GUI point of view, one should probably use one or other of the widgets.