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Xypad 'fling' mode

I’m just checking in on the current method of flinging the ball in xypad. It used to be that this was done with right-click and drag, but this doesn’t seem to be working currently. Doing so simply moves the ball with a blue line attached. The docs talks about:

The XY pad can function in two unique modes of automation, free and path based. The two modes can be toggled by clicking on the corresponding icon on the bottom left of the xypad control.

I don’t see this icon.

Maybe you are on a older version of Cabbage? Rory made some changes to the xy-pad widget a couple months ago

Also what would you call this movement? Linear trajectory?

Ah, I see it’s working in the latest beta. In general I try to remain with the official release as this is what my students will be using.
‘Linear trajectory’ sounds like a pretty accurate description. I tend to call it ‘flinging’ as I imagine myself throwing a rubber ball in a squash court.
Thanks for the help!

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Sorry about that Iain. I didn’t notice I had botched it in that earlier release. I want to release 2.6 soon. I just need to sort out some final bugs/features/etc.

Thanks, Rory.
Another small thing I spotted is that the Cabbage macro parser is intolerant if there is more than one space or tab between #define and the macro name.

Aggghhh, MACROs, why did I ever support them :sob:

I’ll take a look. :+1:

I have no one to blame but myself really… :roll_eyes:

Macros are important and incredibly useful! :innocent:

I knew you’d say that! :rofl:

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This is fixed. And I even threw in support for tabs at no extra cost :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: