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AAX Format?

Any chance that you will add support for the Pro Tools plugin format?

Did you see here. Last time I tried I got stuck. I can try again, but if I need any assistance from Apple I’m screwed.

I see. I used Pro Tools for 15 years until I was fed up with their BS. Just though it would be of service to make my instrument available for PT users.

I agree. It would very nice to be able to offer this export option. I don’t have a copy of ProTools, so it makes building and debugging extremely difficult. :frowning:

I think “Pro Tools First” should work just to see if a plugin is working properly.

I checked that. You can only install plugins that are approved by Avid, or at just that’s the impression I got?

I see, yeah that fits their general business politics. :neutral_face:

Yeah, this is my impression too.