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Anykey - a MIDI helper

Admittedly, I am not a good keyboard player. Especially, I am lacking co-ordination of my hands, so if I concentrate on playing the right notes on one hand I play rubbish on the other. A couple of years ago I found a stand-alone programme ‘Tapper’ written by Stephen Malinowski ( which replaces ‘taps’ by the player by notes from a score. It worked quite nice for me but as a stand-alone programme it only had the pre-programmed piano sound. Using Cabbage, I could write a similar helper as VST3 effect plugin acting on the MIDI stream in a a DAW. In that way any VST instrument can be played. It also connects to a sustain pedal to emulate the pedalboard of an organ. The features are described in detail here: Anykey.pdf (71.5 KB) . The csd, vst3 files and an example for Bach’s BWV 639 can be found on my gitlab repository:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Aaron Andrew Hunt has made a pro-grade version of Tapper (it’s what I use these days)
Here’s a playlist of performance I made using Tapper (either my original version or Aaron’s updated one):

@Stephen_Malinowski: Amazing development! Somehow I ovelooked the pro version. I was still using the original one. I will try the pro version out. I guess with the ‘rubato’ sequences it will address exactly the problem I had with the original version of Tapper.

Looks and sounds interesting! :smile: