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Book on Cabbage?

Is there a paper book or printable introduction to Cabbage? I’m a beginner and would like to have a paper book as an aid to exploring Cabbage.

Hi @spruitje, welcome to the forum!

I’m sorry, but no such books exists. But if you feel like writing one, please go ahead!

Hi - well as a beginner I don’t see how I could do so. Besides I’m not a native speaker, but from the Netherlands. Anyway I’m looking forward to exploring Cabbage as a way to build plugins for the fun of it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe someday you’ll will write the ultimate guide to Cabbage in Dutch :slight_smile: For now, please feel free to bombard us with questions!


Or if anyone has created a PDF of the online docs that would be super! I’m just getting started.

No pdf, but all the .MD text files are available on the GitHub page if that’s any help.

Do you mean the files in the map cabbage/Docs/markdown ?

In that case one pdf could probably be made out of them but it would be a lot of work…