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Button popuptext()?

I think this could be very useful in situations where a button’s function can be short, but the popuptext could give more description to the user. For example, a button with text of “St” might have a popuptext of “Stereo Input”.

This is more of an “icing on the cake” type of feature request, not very important, but could help add a little polish.

Shouldn’t be an issue. I’ll add it to the list.

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I’d swear that one of my old betas had support for this… but I can’t find the right one. I’ve hoarded away SO many :rofl:

I’m guessing it regressed when support for aplha named radiogroups was reverted due to other issue that had come up at the time?

It seems you are right! I’ll add it back in…

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Sweet, thanks Rory!

This is fixed now. I don’t have the post and prefix added, are they required too? I have a feeling I already know the answer :laughing:

Awesome, thanks!

I don’t see a logical reason to need/use the pre/postfix with buttons. With only two discrete values from a button (on|off), I don’t really see much of a need access to the value surrounded by message data…

However, the idea about different popuptext messages for on|off states, I could easily see some use out of that. For example, imagine a button that makes a new plant visible with a bunch of widgets.
Instead of the popuptext message being: “Display FX Window: 0” and “Display FX Window: 1”, it could be “Display FX Window” and “Hide FX Window”.

I know this seems like it could just be the button text, but in a cramped and busy plant, it would help minimize the need for lengthy detailed explanations on the buttons themselves.

Speaking of, this was also the reason I had asked about newlines in popuptext way back way back: Are newlines in popuptext/popup[pre|post]fix possible?

I’m still interested in both the ability to use newlines in cabbage sections (basically, would a simple expand of \n work?), AND if used with chnset having it incorporate pre/postfix messages. As I explained in the other thread, I try to avoid using chnset for the messages if at all possible to keep some semblance of simplicity, but I would still consider losing the pre/postfix when using chnset a bug.

This is quickly implemented using identifier channels.

No. to be honest it’s on the list, but I somehow never got around to it. I will take a look this week.

Agreed, but so is changing the text of the button based on the state, but it’s possible in the cabbage section. It’s not that I cant do it another way fairly easily, or even that this suggestion is of any particular importance to me… it’s just that when the idea of button popup texts came up, it felt like it should be possible, since it’s in line with the widget’s text behavior here, same with checkboxes. It’s not so much an improvement because I need it, but because I think it makes cabbage better as a whole :wink:

Sweet, not a big rush… I think this was just a visual-polish idea to help with formatting popups to fit both a descriptive label “Cutoff Freq:” and an obnoxiously long and precise value like “20000.00 Hz”… with the idea that it formats even when used among the pre/postfixes, for example: popupprefix(“Cutoff Freq:\n”), popuppostfix(" Hz") would achieve:

Cutoff Freq:
20000.00 Hz