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Cabbage build for Mac with multi outputs?

Hi Rory.

I’m just wondering if you ever released a version of Cabbage that supports multi-outs on mac? Perhaps there’s a test build somewhere that I’m not seeing. I’d just like to test something beyond the standard 2 outputs, like with 4 or 6 total outs… if such a thing exists.

Many thanks!


Hi Martin. I’m afraid I don’t have one at the moment. I can build one for you in a few weeks time? I’m currently away from my OSX machine. Or you can test on Windows using this package. But it uses an older version of Csound, so I can’t vouch for its usefulness!

No worries. In a few weeks time would be great if you get around to it, Rory. Many thanks!

Hi, Rory.

Did you get around to making a multichannel Cabbage mac build? Just checking :wink:

Best wishes!


Not yet Martin, but I can try to build one for you tomorrow if I get a chance? But it will only be the plugin libraries, is that Ok?

No panic really. I may have another method of getting multi chans in and out. It would be handy though. How do you mean it will be only the plugin libraries, sorry?

I mean that you can export multi-channel plugins, but you won’t have multichannel output from the standalone host. I’m actually just this moment working on that feature for the new version of Cabbage. but I really don’t want to spend time on adding it to the old code.

Yeah, multi chan on the plugins would be great! I intend on using it with the plugins rather than the standalone anyways. Thanks a million!

Grand. Tomorrow is a pretty tough day for me, but I’ll try to get it done for you at some point. I’ll let you know.

Like when you get a chance. Don’t stress about it if you’re busy, some time after tomorrow… and I do appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I just prepared an 8 in 8 out version for you. You might want to rename your existing bundle before installing this one so that you can you both. Don’t forget to change your nchnls to 8. If this works Ok, and you wish to have even more channels let me know and I can run of another build. Here’s teh link:

Super, Rory. I hope this wasn’t a hassle. I’ll give it a whirl and report back :slight_smile: Thanks so much.

What exactly would need to be renamed? I could just rename this current bundle, could I?

Yeah, you can just rename to something else, then install the new one. It was no trouble at all.

I cannot find the file within the package contents. Where might it be?

Sorry, you should rename the package in your applications folder…

As in rename the Cabbage Application, like this?

That’ll do the trick.

Cool thanks. Was just making sure that was the correct item to rename. I’ll blast away at it. Have a nice day!:slight_smile:

You might be back sooner than you think, I didn’t test this packge at all!!