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Cabbage/Csound license for commercial projects?

hi Rory! i’m putting together a presentation on procedural audio for Unity and i had somehow assumed that Cabbage and Csound were running a more commercial friendly license. i just happened to check on Cabbage’s Github site and i found out that Cabbage has been marked as GPL. Csound is itself marked as LGPL which is not great but seems to be acceptable to Apple. i’m a little bit concerned as GPL is not a commercial-friendly license for things like the App or iTunes Store.

however it seems that since CsoundUnity isn’t really using Cabbage per se, and you’re instead loading Csound directly i’m guessing it falls under LGPL. it would be helpful to include a license with CsoundUnity so that it’s clear it can be used in commercial games. i think as it is now if a lawyer saw no license they would assume all rights reserved. So it would be nice to get the clarification.

Cabbage is GPL because of JUCE, but CsoundUnity is LGPL. I will include a license file when I get a chance. But yeah, you can use it freely in commercial products. I would rather use the MIT license, but Csound restricts me from doing that. For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t worry too much about using Csound in any kind of commercial ventures. There might be times where you have to bend the LGPL slightly, but it’s been done before and the Csound community have never had any issues with it. We know that LGPL is not ideal, but it’s a step up from GPL!