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Cabbage on Linux Mint

Hi, everyone. I am having many problems installing Cabbage on Linux Mint 20. I have installed Csound (6.13 version) and Projucer, but it still doesn’t work. Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance (sorry for my english, I’m from Italy).

Hello. I also had a lot of trouble installing Cabbage on Linux Mint, but I finally succeeded. Maybe you could read this topic: Cabbage AppImage?

Else you could try to run the Windows version of Cabbage under wine.

Thank for answering, that could be a good idea! Are you using wine for Cabbage? Does It work correctly?

I use both the Linux version and the Windows version of Cabbage now. In my experience the Windows version under Wine was the easier one to install and can be used to export VST-plugins for Windows.

Hello, I am new to this forum and your response is related to my question. I am running Linux Mint 19.3 and had no issues installing Cabbage, however, I want to make vst3 plugins for a PC running Cubase12 in Windows. To do this I must install Cabbage on my Linux system under Wine, is that correct? Is there no (easy!) way to do this from Mint? I don’t mind which way actually, so long as I can do it. Thanks in advance!

I now have a separate Windows laptop to test Windows plugins, and I have the Linux version of Cabbage on my Linux computer and the Windows version of Cabbage on my Windows laptop. In that case you no longer need Wine.

Hi @urlgray, I’m afraid you need a windows machine if you wish to export to Windows. You could try running Windows on a VM within Mint? Finally, if you had any free space on your Mint machine you could create a small Windows partition to boot into any time you wanted to build for Windows.

Thank you for your quick reply. The Windows machine is at the office while the Mint machine is at home. Could I save a/the text file of the code on the Mint machine onto a USB stick and then copy it onto my office Windows machine, open the file/s in Cabbage for Windows, and perform the VST export there?
If this is possible, what files do I specifically need to save and move to the Windows machine?
btw I was happy to see I can use knobman-generated image files for the twiddly bits!

You need only the .csd file. If others want to use the exported plugin they will need to install Csound.

Do you have some affiliation with knobman? Cabbage doesn’t use it internally, but it provides a nice way for users to add better looking UIs :slight_smile:

No affiliation, just years ago when I did my first plugin (a vst of my hardware PowertranDDL) I wanted to recreate the front panel as exactly as possible, and I came across knobman. I found it easy to generate knob and switch animations from just pics I took of my unit. Later I did a Dimension D using Synthmaker and then I tried to do a Quantec Room Simulator, by which time I was obsessed with the ‘look’ with realistic buttons, rotary encoder, and LEDs etc more than the actual sound!

Oh and thanks, just the .csd OK!

Thanks for your reply…
You are just sorta like me then, using two computers.
In my haste, I have already started installing Cabbage in Wine on this Linux machine anyway and it has just now stopped…frozen right at the end of the install.
I am not sure if it has worked, and if it hasn’t, what I should do to make it work. I am not panicking now tho’ since I can use the Windows machine to run the plugins too.

After trying a lot of things under Wine on my Linux Mint computer I have decided that the only real test to see if something works on Windows is to actually try it on Windows. So I have bought a relatively simple refurbished laptop for that purpose, and now I seldom need Wine anymore.

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