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Cabbage on Linux Mint

Hi, everyone. I am having many problems installing Cabbage on Linux Mint 20. I have installed Csound (6.13 version) and Projucer, but it still doesn’t work. Could you please help me?
Thanks in advance (sorry for my english, I’m from Italy).

Hello. I also had a lot of trouble installing Cabbage on Linux Mint, but I finally succeeded. Maybe you could read this topic: Cabbage AppImage?

Else you could try to run the Windows version of Cabbage under wine.

Thank for answering, that could be a good idea! Are you using wine for Cabbage? Does It work correctly?

I use both the Linux version and the Windows version of Cabbage now. In my experience the Windows version under Wine was the easier one to install and can be used to export VST-plugins for Windows.