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A few users have been PMing me to ask about the so-called ‘pro’ version of Cabbage. The ‘pro’ version of Cabbage provides an extra export option in the main Cabbage IDE that encrypts the .csd file so end users can’t read it. It also replaces ‘CabbageAudio’ with your company name when the plugin is being exported. Therefore it will show in a DAW under your company name rather than CabbageAudio. It also bundles Csound with the plugins on Windows and OSX. This make distributing the plugin more straightforward.

The cost of a licence is $500 and that covers you for as many plugins as you wish to release with that major version of Cabbage. The major version right now is 2.3.0 and I don’t expect we will see a version 3 for a few years at least.

Note that you are free to sell any plugins you make with the public free version of Cabbage. But under the terms of the GPL, you have to share the Csound source code with them*. If this is a problem for you, you will need the Pro version.

I usually advise people to develop their plugin to the point of it being production ready, and then make a decision on whether a pro license is needed or not. Finally, note that each pro version is bespoke. So you will need to liaise with me in advance of any purchase. Just PM me for more details.

  • technically you can also encrypt the csd code yourself by hacking the open source version of Cabbage, but under the terms of the GPL you will have to release the source code for the encryption, so it basically equates to the same end result: users will have access to your code if they want it…