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Csound and Cabbage beta - incompatibilities?

:rofl: Right, I didn’t mean the number, you need to change the identifier to camelCase!

Silly me. Thanks! That makes it work but changing FFT size still causes crash.

Big big thanks!

This one looks like a Csound bug to me. When I revert back to 6.15 it seems to work fine. I won’t be able to debug the Csound code until I have access to my Linux machine again, which won’t be for a week or so.

Csound 6.16 is doing a real number on you! :man_facepalming:

Oh, thanks for figuring it all out! In a way it makes it easier, we can blame it all on the Csound update and I could use the old Csound. That alternative would definitely be feasible for me if there are no hidden issues. I’m not distributing for now, but would like to make some crazy music during summer :slight_smile:

I’d like to narrow down what the problem was though. I will when I get a chance. :+1: You just concentrate on making crazy music! :wink:

Super! Thanks!!!
BTW. some examples like BarModel also no longer work with Csound 6.16
[edit] it might actually not be Csound to blame in this case?

What makes you think so?

[edit] I just tested with both Csound 6.15 and 6.16 and it works fine for me.

@Samo, can you try this version of Csound. Victor just uploaded it. It has the fix for the turnoff issues. He just needs confirmation that it’s Ok before doing a proper point release. :+1:

Thanks! My instrument seem to play well now with the Csound you linked :slight_smile:

The crashing on FFT length change is still there and some examples still don’t work for me - these is no form showing up (tried only in IDE with old and new Csound). And I can’t stop the instrument, I mean pressing stop button doesn’t stop it. I’m wondering if it could be due to my altered paths (user files) in settings:

I don’t think that will have any effect on it. I tried with the latest beta and the bar model example worked fine. What other examples don’t work?

See some more examples in the screen shot:

Something very strange going on here. While the BarModel one worked fine for me, many of these don’t show at all. I’ll take a look first thing tomorrow.

Changing Csound to version 6.16 fixes this issue. Argghhh…

And 6.16.1 fixes these problems. Boy, there’s a few hours I won’t get back. Turns out all of those examples were using turnoff

So sorry for your lost time! Maybe you sorted it? But for some reason those instruments still don’t show at all for me. Just tried TR-808 and MiniPops with Csound 6.16.1 and latest Cabbage 2.7.3 (omitted installation of Csound there - which displays 6.15). Since I don’t use these examples it is not acute for me, but maybe there is something else going on?

Don’t worry, that wasn’t your fault. I should have tried this sooner.

Me too, and it’s the same for me :frowning: It’s definitely an issue with Csound, as it works fine with 6.15. Also, if I comment out the calls to turnoff it works fine. So I guess we’re not out of the woods yet in terms of turnoff

Thanks for checking. Maybe time to call in the other superheroes?

I think you’re right. It’s time to get the band back together :rofl:

This is resolved now. I removed the whitespaces in the folder housing those examples. It turns out it had nothing to do with turnoff. But I’m none the wiser as to why Csound suddenly started struggling with white spaces in the path. Reverting to 6.15 fixes the problem. Anyway, I’m going to tentatively mark this as fixed although it might come back to haunt us…

Good you find out how to mitigate the problem. I suppose you reported to the “band”. Although I haven’t notices problems with my instruments yet, I’d be very interested to know what to avoid and of course having Csound fixed. Thanks!

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