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Csound for multiple versions of Unity

Hi Rory, I have a need to use Csound with an earlier version of Unity (v5.2). Do you know whether it will work with this version? The reason is that I want to use a Leap Motion controller for interactive control of the Unity scene and Csound synths, and the last version for Mac OSX they support is for Unity 5.2.
Also, will it work for Unity 2017?

Thanks very much!

Should work fine for all versions of Unity. But we’re currently having issues with exporting standalone builds. Check the forum. I haven’t had time to find a fix, but I’m sure there must be one.

Just imported the package into 5.2 and get errors, specifically in that there is no UnityEditor.SceneManagement, and a couple of other errors. Will see whether I can work around them…

Error importing folder (The pathName assets/plugins/x86_64 is already mapped to e0de61952d6e24418850d8680ad2bd8d. But the meta data wants it to be mapped to 008d2d4b8098841f6bc51d6a5cddb74f)


Error importing folder (The pathName assets/plugins is already mapped to dd1983ee198f44f6d8cf7644a4d9938a. But the meta data wants it to be mapped to 49dd1f5ab2aeb412cabedf7588dcd65a)

Ah, that’s because of the plugin. Can you use an earlier version? If you don’t need to process Unity audio clips you can try v2.2. The next update will not have any plugins so there is a better chance of it working. Those plugins were merely an interim solution until Csound6.10 was released.

I downloaded 2.2 - I guess it doesn’t have a Unity Package? At any rate, I moved folders into my project and tried to satisfy the references by creating the StreamingAssets and AssetScripts folders and moved the Player.csd file it, but it never created the Player.csd_ in the StreamingAssets folder. Did I download the wrong .zip?

Try opening Player.csd_ in an editor, making some changes and saving it. There is a script that will write the _ version to the streaming assets folder. yo should be good to go then. Fingers crossed.

OK, I opened and saved the Player.csd and Player.csd_ in their respective folders. Now Unity complains that it can’t find Csound in StreamingAssets. I assume it means the library?

Does it still work though? you can try deleting the script in the Scripts folder that checks for the existence of Csound. Also, do you have have Csound installed on your system? Sorry about this. I’ll be able to sort it out in a week or two when i return to work and have access to OSX. you’re on OSX right?