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CsoundUnity HRTF Not Working on Oculus Quest 2

Hi everyone, i’ve been trying to utilize Csound’s hrtfmove2, and hrtfreverb opcodes in a project for VR i’ve been working on. Everything works fine from the unity editor, but once I build to quest I don’t hear any sound. Was wondering if anyone else has run in to this issue and has a way to solve it, thanks!

Hi @Noah_Leong and welcome to the forum!
I never tried those opcodes yet.
What Audio settings do you have? Are you using the Unity built-in spatializer or the Oculus one?
Also: are you sure the hrtf files are loaded on the Quest?
Are you copying them in the persistent folder and setting this dir as a SFDIR for Android using the EnvironmentSettings (new in v3.2)?
Try enabling the Csound log in the settings for more info.

I suspect this is the issue.