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CSoundUnity vs CSoundFMOD


I am wondering what the intended/preferred use cases for CSoundUnity and CSoundFMOD are (compared to each other). My perception is as follows:

Both allow for the use of CSound in Games.


  • can be used from within scripts
  • needs overall less resources (since FMOD is not needed)
  • has less moving parts (=> more stable, easier to deploy?)
  • is more straightforward for sound effects


  • can be used with any FMOD-compatible game engine
  • allows to combine CSound with a more traditional, DAW-like workflow (timeline ect.)
  • might be easier to use with game-dev teams (since they are more likely familiar with FMOD)

Did I miss any important points or get something wrong?

That’s pretty much it I think. The other important thing is that CsoundUnity supports many more platforms out of the box than CsoundFMOD.