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CsoundUnity Win64

Hi @giovannibedetti, I’m just starting a new thread here regarding the following posts:

On my Windows 10 machine this fix works fine. I can access the date opcodes, but continue to have issues with exciter. From the Csound command line we can run -z to show all opcodes that have been loaded. It would be useful to be able to this here too.

In which case I think that we should probably create an interface to csoundNewOpcodeList() so that we can see what opcodes Csound is actually adding to its opcodeListEntry.

I think this one is above my level of C# skills! I can just about get my head around marshalling straight-up pointers, but this one also requires us to work with C structures?

FWIW I’m learning a lot of C# from studying your code!

Ok I’ll look into it!
BTW I’m also learning a lot, so thank you! :muscle: