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DAW crashing when plugin is a synth but not when it is an effect


Several of my plugins cause my DAW (Ableton Live) to crash sporadically (about 1/5 of the time if only one plugin is used). It seems this happens only when I export plugins as synths and I insert them on a MIDI/instrument track but not when I export them as effects inserted on audio tracks.

Since those plugins don’t require MIDI or audio input they can be inserted as effects, although they actually act as instruments/synths and not like effects. I then MIDI map the plugins’ controls in DAW to trigger or change sounds. I’m wondering if I am doing something wrong? Could there be any issue with this flags: -d -n -+rtmidi=null -M0

I’m using Cabbage 2.3.45 on Mac OS 10.12.6.
I had to revert back to an older version because of issues mentioned in Plugin feedback DAW automation. I currently prioritize MIDI feedback over automation. But the crashing (as I recall) occurred in other versions as well. It was just now that I realized that my DAW seems stable when plugins are used as effects.

Thanks for any suggestions and best wishes.

There have been a few iterations since then. Can you try the latest dev package and see if the problem persist?

If so, can you send me the .csd files you’re testing with and I will try to recreate the issues myself with Live.

Thanks Rory!

I’m pleased to report that in version 2.4.7 the crashing problem seems to be resolved. I could no longer crash Ableton. The crashes actually always occurred on startup (forgot to mention this before). Hopefully it will remain stable when I load a bunch of synths in a project and put it to action.

I imagine this might be difficult to sort or explain, but do you have any idea what changes could have made it more robust?

A side question: if I’m not using MIDI input (just mapping), would there be any reasons for using a plugin as a synth vs effect? I am curious to hear any opinions, specifically regarding DAW stability.

It depends on the host. Live for instance treats synth and effects more or less the same.

I guess for some people it’s important how the plugins get listed in their DAW, under synths or effects but yeah, there is little difference in terms of VST synths and effects. Especially in the case of Cabbage.