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Error exporting AU or VST / OSC

When I try to export I always get an error message: Can’t copy plugin to this location…
I do not think it has to do with the target location, but the source location, since I try to do this from…
BTW, I try this with

Are you trying to export to the folder? I just opened that file now and exported it as a VST plugins to my Plugin-Ins folder without any problems. Oh wait, I think you may be trying to overwrite a previous export? I think there is an issue here. I’ll take a look. Btw, that example you’re looking at uses imported plants. There are fairly experimental and I’m not sure how well they translate to host DAWs, but I’m happy for someone to try :wink:

I pushed through a fix for this issue. It should be available here shortly. Just click the artefacts link when the build is complete.

The error occurs wherever I want to export it to, VST or AU does not matter…

Sorry, I do not know what to do with that…

Did you install the latest version I linked in the previous post?

The artifacts link in the top right gives you access to the latest beta builds.

Unfortunately it does not work. I get the same error…

Can you confirm the version of Cabbage you are using? Help-About, and can you confirm the error happens no matter where you try to export the plugins? Also, I assume you are not trying to export plugins that are currently loaded into a DAW?

It is version 2.3.9. I think I know what happens. I try to export the AU directly to the components folder in my system. When I first export to somewhere else, it works. Then I copy the AU from there to the components folder and load the plugin. But it does not work, I only see part of a keyboard and not the GUI controls that should come with the plant…

Ok, so it doesn’t let you export to the /Library/Audio/Plugin-In/Components folder? You should probably then export to ~/Library/Audio/Plugin-In/Components. Logic will pick up AUs in this location too, as will most DAWs. It’s a user dir so you shouldn’t have any problems exporting there.

ait, you’re using the custom plant imports? As I mentioned before these have never been tested with a DAW. I guess you’re the first one to try? And I’m guessing it doesn’t work right? I can think of some reason why it might not work. I’ll take a look when I get a chance. Btw, the other examples export and run fine for you or?

Yes, e.g. MIDI_Monitor works. This plants thing is not so important for me right now. What I want to do is out of this world: Generate OSC messages via a Cabbage plugin. These messages should trigger a Pyo program to generate the sound…

That should be simple enough to do. Let me know if you have any issues

Well, it sort of works, when I record in my DAW (Garageband) I get sound. But when I play back the midi track there is no sound. Checking with OSC_Data_Monitor no OSC messages are sent when playing the track…

Playing a synth with a midi track is bread and butter for Cabbage. Can you share your synth? We’ll fix that issue first and then look at the OSC stuff.

Here it is…midi2osc.csd (1005 Bytes)

This synth doesn’t make any sound? You have no outputs. I’m confused…

So when you play the keyboard into Garageband, with this instrument loaded, your OSC host gets input? But when you play the instrument with a MIDI track nothing happens, is that correct?

If this is the case it’s very odd, as the plugin is MIDI input agnostic. The MIDI can come from anywhere and the plugin still reacts the same to it. Be it a live performance, or a track, for Cabbage it is just MIDI input. How bizarre.

Correct, it has no audio output, only OSC. The sound is generated by the stand-alone Python Pyo app.

I’m just trying this here, but I can’t even get Csound to send OSC messages? My simple vanilla instrument looks like this:

instr TEST
    if metro(1) == 1 then
        event "i", 2, 0, .1, 100

instr 2
    OSCsend     1, "localhost",8000, "/midi/non", "i", p4

And in my OSC monitor app I’ve selected port 8000, but Csound keeps telling me:

WARNING: OSCsend failed to send message with destination /midi/non to localhost:8000

Any ideas? I’m on Windows if that makes any difference…