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Excluding developer-chosen widgets from snapshots?

In an instrument I’m making I’ve implemented a “randomize” button that, well, sets (almost) every widget to a random value. However, when saving presets via Cabbage’s built-in preset system, the snapshot includes the “value” of the random button within the snapshot, as the value of every widget is recorded through the Cabbage system.

This has been causing issues for me, because for some reason, no matter what “value” the random button is at, its mere inclusion in the snapshot causes the widgets to automatically randomize sometimes when loading a preset. Due to this I’ve had to re-save every preset with the randomize button commented out so that it wouldn’t be included in the snapshot, but obviously a user of my plugin wouldn’t be able to do that.

Would it be possible for us to exclude certain widgets (maybe based on their channel?) from snapshots, perhaps through an argument in the named preset filebutton? Just throwing out ideas. Sorry if this would be too complicated/problematic to do.

[edit] or maybe via an argument in the widget itself (the one that is intended to be excluded).
also, thinking about it, this feature could be useful for more than just a randomize button - things like tables or morph pads come to mind.

New presetIgnore() identifier :+1:

Ooooo thanks Rory! I shoulda looked harder for that.

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