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Filter implementation

Im attempting to make a sort of ‘Specialized EQ’ kinda plugin.
Attatched is an image, sort of showing the function. ~24 bands that create resonances similar to a comb filter, but with these resonances in a specific scale. I have an idea on how to do it, involving setting individual resonances on the keys of the scale, since i would like to be able to control width of the individual bands, however, this seems like it would be not only high on cpu, but i cant seem to find an opcode that functions like this. Any suggestions?

Can you not just set up 24 band-pass filters across the frequency range? Some of the opcodes below might help, but there are loads of other filters that might be useful.


Im gonna be honest, i thought about that, but my train of thought was ‘If i pass it from the first band to the second, there’s no audio for it to do anything because the first one already filtered it out!’ but I didnt realize i could pass the original sound into all filters. I do now have a question about the frequencies of the filters though. Since im using a combobox to determine the key of the frequencies, the easiest way to do it would be to make a variable (kBand1, kBand2, etc.) for each band, then create a massive if/else chain for the values, for each band

If kKey==1 then
kBand1 = 440
kBand2 = 493.88
*repeats for all 24
elseif kKey==2 then
kBand1 = 466.16
*repeats for all 24

this would be massively inefficient though. Would there be any better way of doing this or is this the best option?

EDIT: thought i should mention i have all 12 major AND minor keys, leading to 24 total keys i would need to do this process for leading to ~600 lines of code to specify all the frequencies

This is known as a parallel filter chain, as opposed to cascading, and it’s great for things like formants.

Better to simple pass the kKey variable directly to the filter.