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[FIXED] GUI example does not work in Cabbage 2.0.02

I’m trying to run several example the modify the GUI but lot’s of then don’t work, I’m not sure if I have to do something for them to work of if it’s a bug. The bug is fixed according to this thread but I still can’t get it to work so I’m posting here in hope to get help.

In the misc category
AlphaFade : nothing changed with the sliders
InfoButton : the help button doesn’t show anything
KnobManSlider : the image stays unchanged but the value actually change
PopupPlant : Nothing happens with the “Show popup” button
MouseSense : Values don’t change
ToogleToFrant : Nothing happens when I click “Toogle to front”
TooglingPlants : Nothing Happens when I click on “Toogle”

The last one is the most blocking as I would need to make tooglable plants.

Are these bugs known ?

Thanks in advance for your time

Cabbage 2.0.02 64bits
Windows7 64bits

Can you make sure you have selected a valid audio device?

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@rorywalsh I had a valid audio device selected, BUT my sr was 96kHz !
When I set it back to 44,1kHz everything worked !
Thanks a lot for the support, and sorry for this wrong alert !
Hopefully this thread will help people in the future !

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No problem. I’m surprised that it wouldn’t work at 96kHz. If your sound card supports that then Cabbage should also. Anyhow, thanks for letting us know it works ok :wink:


Hi, TonitoRMX and rory , it does helped me solve same issue which knobman knob in the example does not change its appearance!! this saved my day today !
Thank you!!
I think this issue need to be taken care of, for people like me, like by adding comment in the example code.

BTW, your EDM synth is awesome ! that is what lead me here.

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