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FMOD not recognising Basic Instruments

Continuing the discussion from Fmod doesn't recognize plugin:

Just re-awakening this one. I’m currently having an issue getting the simple Bells or Noise instruments to be recognised in FMOD. I’ve set asset folders in FMOD to where the .csd and .dylib are, added event and then go to add plug-in instrument and there isn’t anything

. The console in FMOD mentions the sample rate in the error but not sure if that’s connected. AudioGaming and Resonance plugins work fine

macOS 10.14.6, FMOD 2.01

Thanks Eoin. I’ll take a look.

I’ve updated to the latest FMOD API but I’m also having issues getting a basic debug environment set up. I’ve ping the FMOD devs through their fourms, they usually get back to me within 24 hours. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for the quick response Rory.

Judging by some other posts on the topic, it seems that older versions of FMOD are the way forward with this? Anything back from the FMOD Devs on this?


They just got to me today and have sent me with a debug version of FMOD. Top form from the FMOD guys I have to say. I’ll get stuck into a fix for this tomorrow.

I just tried the binaries they sent me and it has the same problem as before. I’ve written back to them about it. Hopefully they can sort the problem.

The FMOD guys got back to me with some details on how to debug this on OSX. It’s all good now and I have fixed the problem with plugins not being seen. However, a user just asked if it would be possible to create effects plugins too. I’m just looking into it. It seems possible to do it. I will probably add that and then provide a new release if that’s Ok. If you are really stuck for this let me know and I can send you a plugin lib in the meantime.