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FMOD Plug-ins cannot be found on Unity build

Hi there!

I’m having a bit of a problem to make FMOD Csound Plugins (Compiled in Cabagge) work on my Unity builds. I followed Rory’s videotutorial and didn’t help fix it either.

The two plug-ins I’m using are working as intended in both FMOD Studio and the Unity Editor (Adding them in the Dynamic Plugins list of the FMOD setting after placing both .DLL and .CSD files in the “Assets>Plugins>FMOD>platforms>win>lib>x86_64” folder), but when I made any builds I keep getting the error about FMOD not being able to find the Plug-in file.

This was kinda solved this when I realised the build files didn’t contain the .CSD files, so adding them next to the .DLLs made it work wonderful… On my own system. If I send the build over to another PC, it’s more than likely to keep serving the error even with both files inside its “DevBuild\Data\Plugins\x86_64” folder.

I also tried adding them as FMOD Static Plugins but IL2CPP fails building because it apparently cannot find the files either(?) (Linker error LNK2019 iirc)

I’ve tried a bunch of stuff over the past few days but I cannot figure out how to make it work. Any advice?

Cabbage 2.8.0
Unity 2020.3.25f1
FMOD Studio 2.02.08
FMOD Studio Unity Integration 2.02.07

Thank you!

PS: Those are the Plug-ins:
gate.csd (14.1 KB) PhaseInvert.csd (4.4 KB)

I think the problem may be that the FMOD Csound plugins can find Csound on your system, but not on others. This might not be that simple to solve. Something to try:

1: Copy the csound64.dll from C:Proram Files/Csound6_x64/bin into the same folder as the plugin dll
2: Temporarily rename the Csound6_x64 folder in your program files dir.

Then try running the scene again, either from the build or in the editor. Can you let me know how it goes. I’ve not used the FDMO stuff in a long time :grimacing:

Hello there! Thanks for the quick reply.
Based on what you told me, I tried sending over the csound64.dll to one of the PCs that printed the error running the build and put it into the same folder of the plug-ins even though it didn’t work, we tried placing it in the same folder as the build .exe file and it seems to do the trickimage

We’ll be conducting some more testing on it on monday, but this looks really promising so far.
I’ll post some updates then.

Thank you so much, Rory!

Ok, that’s good to know. I think you might be in unchartered territory here. Most of the projects I’ve seen using these plugins have been projects only intended to run on a singe machine where Csound is already installed. Distributing builds might be a challenge. Good luck. Please share the results if you get something released, or if you want anyone to beta test :slight_smile:

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