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Granular synthesis using the soundfiler tool

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has experience with granular synthesis within Csound, but using the soundfiler widget as a “drop load box” for audio files to manipulate on the fly using granular.

There are quite a few granular instruments in the examples. Did you take a look through them?

Hi @Myouth1987, did you have any joy with the examples? Did they make any sense?

Hi Rory, apologies I was meant to get back and thank you as I did have a look over the Csound examples, which were of some help. (I assume you meant these ones as I could not find any in the Cabbage examples) Now, I could understand some of the examples fairly well but I would have a problem understanding how I replace the soundfile part of the syntax with a soundfiler that I could drop an audio file on the fly in Cabbage. I am assuming this is very possible?

There are quite a few example that come with Cabbage. Check out the various file player examples. They feature quite a few granular effects. I think there are also a few more thrown around in the Effects folder.

Anyhow, some of Iain’s example are quite intricate. So I prepared a very simple example that let’s you drag and drop sound files onto the plugin window. Only, I needed to update Cabbage to fix a bug in the file dropping feature, and in doing so I think I accidentally messed something up. I’ll post the file and link to the new build once I fix it :wink:

New build available here which fixes the file drag issue.

And here is a sample granular instrument for you to try out.
granules.csd (1.8 KB)

Ah right, I didn’t see any initially but will go through a few of the file player examples so.

Thanks very much Rory, I appreciate it :pray: