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guiMode("queue") crash

guiMode("queue") seems to be causing crashes (freeze - spinning beachball) when updating multiple widgets or a single widget at a high rate of update. The old guiMode seems to be able to handle similar performance demands so I have attached examples of each. It usually crashes after some seconds.

I suspect this is a recently emerging issue as I have csds that worked fine a few months ago that are no longer reliable. This is tested on Mac using the May 4 Cabbage build.

testPolling.csd (1.2 KB) testQueue.csd (1.1 KB)

Thanks Iain. I’m going to ping @Andy.Fillebrown as it looks like it might have something to do with a patch he submitted. Andy, would you mind taking a look? The .csd in question works fine before this merge.

@iainmccurdy, I’ve rolled back to a previous build for now. Can you test when it is done in DevOps? Andy is going to look into the issue, but for now he suggested I roll back so we don’t upset the millions of Cabbage users out there :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rory. I was indeed responding to a complaint from one of the millions of Cabbage users.

Unfortunately the build you triggered yesterday failed to complete.

Thanks Iain, trying to a new build now…

Thanks, Rory. There still seems to be a problem though. This one using guiMode("queue") lasts for about 20 seconds before stalling. (The screen capture doesn’t pick up the spinning beach ball.) I’ll try and investigate further.

I’ll roll back to another version. It’s good to know that it’s not the PR from @Andy.Fillebrown that did the damage. Looks like I have to take responsibility for this mess 🫣

Ok, I think I may have simply messed up the roll back. Can you double check the version number that’s working for you? I’ve triggered a new build in the meantime that hopefully reverts back to 227.

Same crashing behaviour with the build you created today.

I checked it on another Mac machine and it’s the same. :frowning:

I’m running .222 and get no crash, is that the last stable build?

Is there an archive back to .222? The Azure listing of Runs only goes back to .226.

I’m building version .224 now. Should be available in an hour or so. If that doesn’t work, we’ll go back another. Apologies for the delay in this. :confounded: