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Hello Cabbage falls very often. Any suggestion?

Hello Cabbage falls very often. Windows10, i7, 16GbRam, UAD Apollo. Why does it fall
If you need more information, let me know.

Hi @Enrique_Jimenez, and thanks for posting about this. Can recreate the steps to crash it? If so, can you please share them so I can take a look? Is it a particular instrument that crashes it? Maybe some widgets you are using? A particular piece of code?


I guess I have the same problem. Windows 10 Pro, AMD Ryzen 6 3600, 16GB. Crashes occur when I press ‘play’ after having done (even only minor) edits. Cabbage becomes unresponsive and can only be stopped from Windows. I first suspected this has to do with whether I close the widget window before stopping the earlier version of the instruments or whether I first press stop then close or the other way. But finally I had crashes for all variants. This is not too problematic since the save is executed before the crash. So when I restart cabbage it has the edited version of the file and nothing is lost. Nevertheless, it is abit annoying and disturbing that I have to restart cabbage every ten minutes.

I understand that this is a bit diffuse error report. If there are any log files cabbage writes I can recreate the crash and send them. Just tell me where to find them


Which version of Cabbage are you using? Can you try the latest beta version for Windows:
Just click the drop link and download the latest installer. Also, it would be really helpful if you could reproduce the bug for me? The next time it happens, would you mind noting the sequence of events, and attempt to crash it again? Does the crash coincide with an error in your Csound code? I would love to sort these issues, but I can’t seem to recreate them myself. And I use Windows quite a lot these days.

Thanks for posting though. @Enrique_Jimenez never got back to me after his initial post. I totally understand the frustration of a new software crashing, but without the community’s help I’ll never be able find a fix :frowning:

Excuse me for being slow to respond. I have had a health problem.
I leave a video with the problem I have with Cabbage. Any syntax error, even if you repair it, causes Cabbage to crash. Any information you need, you can ask me. Best regards and thanks.

Nice video, and thanks for the seasons greetings! I’ve probably had a few too many Christmas beers to make any serious contribution to this thread, but I’ll return tomorrow or the day after with something helpful :joy:

Sorry, I somehow did not get or overlooked the notifcation of your answer.

I am using v. 2.5.0 with csound 6.15.

The only thing I can say is that it happens after I hit the play button and after cabbage has written the file - but only about every tenth time. It is not due to an error because when I restart cabbage the code executes.

I will try the beta version you mention next time I use cabbage. And if the error persists I will try to make a screen video.

I wonder if the issue has something to do with you moving between files with a Cabbage section and those that don’t. Cabbage treats a non-Cabbage file slightly different to one with a <Cabbage></Cabbage> section.

Anyhow, if it continues to happen please let me know.

It took me some time because the crash really does not happen so often and when it crashed I forgot to start the screen recording function before. But now I caught it red-handed: (I hope the link works. I don’t know how to upload the mp4 file to the forum.)

The crash happened during editing the widget coordinates. I made some changes then opened the widget window using the widget editor (triangle-ruler) button (not running the csound code) to check the positions and maybe do some adjustments in the graphical interface. Then I closed the widget window, did some more changes and repeated this several times. The last steps were:

5:44 Last successful opening of the widget window. (unfortunately not visible because the recorder is windows-centric) Some sconds later I closed the widget window and continued editing.

7:30 Last successful edit (line 12)

7:33 I clicked on the editor button. System is not responsive anymore.

8:01 I click the edit button once more and the spinning wheel of death appears.

Interestingly in this session I did not even run the csound code. So it seems to me rather related to the widget window editor than to the interaction Cabbage-csound.

Great, thanks for taking the time to help me look into this. Leave it with me. Hopefully I’ll be able to recreate the issue now myself :+1:

I still can’t recreate this. I wonder is there any way you can grab the plugin window too? If you are using OBS you can use ‘Display’ as the input source, this will grab the entire desktop.

I can see from the video that there are a ew times where you start Csound, as the Play icon changes from a triangle to a square. But who knows if the problem is with Csound or Cabbage. At this point it’s hard to tell. Do you always close the plugin window when you are editing code? This is something I rarely ever do, as I prefer to leave it on top and visible. I will try a few sessions closing the plugin window and see if I can recreate the problem.

It would be great if anyone else had this issue and could provide some further clues.

You are right. I hit play several times during the session. (Completely forgot that and don’t remember why I did.) But still the very moment when it crashed as when I hit the edit button, not the moment ‘play’ as before.

I am trying to use OBS now. But I am still fighting with it because it only records a quarter of my screen. I understand that is because the screen is 4k but I did not yet find settings which work.

In these cases I simply resize my desktop inside OBS? I find this works for most cases?

Thanks! That seems to work.

Now you just have to make it crash :slight_smile:

OK - I did it again:

At about 7:00 I clicked on the ‘Edit Plugin’ button and it crashed. It was playing before but that is not the reason. In a later session I tried to go to edit with the instrument playing and vice versa starting the instrument while the widget window is in edit mode several times and it did not happen.

I also asked myself why I was in play mode although I only wanted to rearrage the widgets in that session. In another session, here:

I noticed that sometimes hitting the edit button (You even see the popup help showing that I clicked in the right place at 1:09.) activates playing.

This should happen all the time. If you are not in edit mode Cabbage assumes you are in play mode. I still can’t recreate your crash.

I’ll keep trying to recreate the issue here, but you have no reason to go to edit mode unless you are using the GUI editor. I rarely enter enter mode at all. I simple edit the GUI code and hit save. It’s not a fix, but might help prevent crashes for you only edit the GUI via code?

That’s actually how I started using it. I never used the edit window to move items with the mouse. When the first crashes appeared I suspected that they happened when csound is called every time I just want to see the widget arrangement. To avoid this I started using the edit mode if I just wanted to change the widget arrangement and not play the instrument - without avail.

One thing I tried is to run cabbage as admin just in case some of the files on my computer don’t have the correct permissions and that makes it break. But I still get crashes.

Is there anything like a dump created when it crashes? At least a window pops up that it will send some information to Microsoft. But it is not like on a Mac that the system shows me that information. But it must be present somewhere and it may give some clue.

Meanwhile, I have the feeling that there must be something wrong with my Windows system, drivers or interfering software installed. But since the crash happens at random times I have no idea what it is actually related to. Are there any dependencies on pre-installed libraries on Windows?

Good idea about the backteace. I’ll try to prepare a special build that will give us more info when Cabbage crashes. :+1:

Hi @RZorn, can you try this exe when you get a chance. You should probably just rename your current Cabbage.exe and use this one in its place. If Cabbage crashes it will produce a stack trace in the Cabbage root folder called CabbageDump.txt. It doesn’t give the fullest of stack traces, but should be enough to point us in the right direction.