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How do we make a vst instrument with samples

How do we make a sampled instrument vst with cabbage or some thing like kontakt or sfz or decent sampler with cabbage or a simple sampled piano plugin

Hi, and welcome!

It sounds like you’re pretty new to cabbage and csound. Something important to understand is that cabbage is just a frontend for csound, creating GUI widgets and offering DAW plugin compatibility… but the synth/dsp work under the hood is actually csound doing the heavy lifting. You’ll probably want to have a moderate grasp on the csound language before trying to undertake something like a sampler, but it’s absolutely possible!

Luckily, Cabbage ships with a bunch of great examples to get you started. In particular, the “FilePlayers” section of the examples should have a bunch of great starting points to look at and even experiment with as you learn.

Good luck!

Hi Anish. Welcome t the forum. This type of question pops up quite a lot. The most recent discussion was here. It probably answers some questions you might have.

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