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How to add image identifiers?

Hi, I started using cabbage yesterday and have basic knowledge of the program. I would appreciate the knowledge of adding image identfiers so I can have custom knobs to use instead of the default cabbage knobs. Help would be appreciated!

Hi @axelerate. Thanks for posting. There are a couple of ways you can customise the look of your slider. The sliders themselves have various styling methods that you can tweak. In terms of using custom graphics, you can set the slider to be completely transparent, and then put an image behind it. You can see an example of this in the KnobMan example from the Misc. examples. The guys are AudioFB do the same for their Cabbage plugins:

Other users integrate the Cababge sliders with their own GUIs. This is a nice example:

The sliders are still Cabbage sliders, but they fit very well to the graphics of the plugin.

I hope this gives you some pointers on where to go :wink:

If you add an image under a transparent knob doesn’t that mean the image will not turn and only the knob value will change?

And what would be the code to use an image?

Thanks for the help btw, it’s really good

So the trick here is to use a strip of images. Knobman is quite a popular software for creating this filmstrips. It’s basically a single image that contains a load of frames. In your code you switch frames as the value of the slider changes. So you don’t need to rotate the images at all.

On the other hand, you can also use custom images for the sliders. Check out the SVG example in the Misc examples. It uses a mix of custom SVG images and native drawing. It’s not the prettiest, but should give you an idea of how this works. In this case you attach an image directly to the widget. It means you don’t have to crop filmstrip images. My preferred approach is to sue native sliders and marry them well with background images. I like how Micah does this at Puremagnetik. It really simplifies the development process, and native drawing will always be smoother than overlaying images.

Hey @axelerate. We devised yet another way of integrating custom GUIs into Cabbage instruments. You can read about it here. I think it’s a pretty neat solution, credit goes to @t_grey for the suggestion.