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Instrument_CabOrgan && CabOrgan 1.1 update

Hi all,

try this one: ULTIMATE VERSION;

hope you like it! :wink:

R (58.7 KB) (119.7 KB)

Very nice. I’m glad to see someone finally use the SVG feature. It gives a lot of scope for creating unique GUIs. What’s nice is once you have found a style you like you can simply create a theme and use them across all your instruments. I think I can do better SVG text rendering now. JUCE has released an update that addresses this issue. I should update my source.

Thank you for your reply!

you’ve noticed that I wrote no code calls for “instrs”… I need to learn again.
With this instrument, I learn how to implement .svg files, table, globals variables and so on.

See you soon
Thanks for all!


Note that using more than a single . when naming instruments will break presets when exporting instruments as plugins. I just got caught with this. When exporting, Cabbage will only take the first part of the filename, which in this case is 2016. The resulting plugin .csd file is 2016.csd, while the preset files all expect a file named 2016.03_Tonetta_Ivan_CabOrgan.csd

The reason why Cabbage only uses the first part of the name when exporting is to avoid an exported file with a double file extension, ie. synth.csd.csd. I guess I can lok at fixing it so that multiple dots are allowed, but it’s good to know about this issue in the meantime.

Nice instrument! Thanks for sharing.

I think the percussion sound should cut off if it is interrupted by the key being released. Do you agree? I could be wrong. I replaced aenv2 with this:

aenv2  expsegr  1,ipercdec,0.00001,0.01,0.00001

The widget modifications look great but unfortunately they don’t appear altered on Mac.

I wrote a Leslie speaker emulation that might work with it:


I’m really happy to get advice and directives from experts like you, Rory and gsenna; thanks! :blush:
I’m glad you like the instrument and how it sounds…

I do not understand why it does not work the interface on MAC; Cabbage bug or is my svg? :cold_sweat:

many thanks for the leslie (really, thank you very much!) Now I try to study and add it in the CabOrgan code :blush:

the amplitude management of the percussive sound, I did it in order to give musicians new opportunities; but the aenv2 that you have proposed is another good way, thanks…


Do you know I’ve never actually tested the SVG stuff on OSX. If anyone gets to an OSX machine before I do on Monday perhaps you could try the SVG example in the ‘Instructional’ folder?

SVG does in fact work. Apologies to Ruben for earlier saying that the CabOrgan SVG wasn’t working. I was on an older Cabbage version.


listen to the new CabOrgan 1.1 with Iain’Leslie and Decay Perc trick…
Thanls for all,


Great. I wish however you would include a keyboard so those of us who don’t have access to a MIDI keyboard can still play with it right away. Right now I have to export it first, and then launch it in a DAW to listen to it :frowning: Which I will do when I get home, but I don’t have a MIDI keyboard in my office at work.

VMPK is a nice virtual midi keyboard for those situations.

Actually, I usually just add

keyboard bounds(....)

Pretty simple really. I guess I should stop complaining!


sorry for keyboard inconvenience, I will make sure to always include
it … (I forget that not always have a handy hardware MIDI keyboard…)

I rewrite yet CabOrgan, now the leslie is bypassed with a button,
incorporated the distortion unit in the main instrument and more other
things (see the info button for more info)…

hope you like it now…


This instrument is coming along nicely! Be careful with popup plants though. I generally advise users to avoid them. The reason is that many hosts will not show the popup windows in front of the plugin window, which means that your popup windows can be lost behind other windows.

If I need to dynamically show controls like this I usually try to have them appear within the main instrument. I usually make one plant disappear and have the other appear in its place. This is what I do in the following instrument. It’s also a good trick for maximising the layout of the instrument.


Dear farmers , try the latest version…
Hope you like it!

Rory, many thanks for suggestion…



Very nice. And works perfectly in all the hosts I’ve tried. I really enjoy the presets. There’s a nice way of getting some interesting sounds straight away, and they quickly lead to other interesting sounds. Great.

Hi Ivan,

It sounds good and it looks good! I wanted to ask you about two things:

  • Is Damph a misspelled word?
  • I hear a little bit of distortion while using some of the presets. I think it’s because of the “Percussion” settings. Do you hear the same thing over there? Try a D minor chord in the middle of the keyboard and use the Broken Bells preset.


Hi Guys,

many thanks for your feed…

Rory, I’m glad that like it

Why? The syntax of freeverb opcode is:

aoutL, aoutR freeverb ainL, ainR, kRoomSize, kHFDamp

(range: 0 to 1): high frequency attenuation; a value of zero
means all frequencies decay at the same rate, while higher settings
will result in a faster decay of the high frequency range.

One distorion unit is onboard in the Main instrument; Tube, and in “Broken Bells” is set at max value.
If you intend “audio clipping”, I did not detect the presence of clip in my audio interface configuration; see D minor chord in the middle of the keyboard with “Broken Bells” preset…

I missed something? :flushed:

thank’you for your support…


  • I was thinking that maybe you tried to write Damp but instead wrote Damph, Is the ‘h’ in Damph for “High frequency attenuation”?

  • It is not clipping/overloading what I meant. It is some sort of “unpleasant” (for me) distortion. If that’s actually what was intended then it’s just the actual sound for that preset then. It’s a sound that’s too harsh for what I’m used to.

  • Some of the other presets sound really nice!


  • Yes, is for High freq attenuation :thumbsup:
  • I do not think everyone likes the presets facts; are demonstrative.

in any case, Thank you very much! Now I start a new project with your real/non realtime example. :v: