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Is automating plugin exporting in the cloud possible?

I’ve seen the mention of a CLIConverter that can be used within Cabbage. Would it be possible to somehow install Cabbage’s CLI or whatever is used from the JUCE framework in GitHub Actions? I’m interested in whether plugin exporting for Windows, MacOS, and Linux can be automated from a public repository.

Edit: found this topic that says yes, it is possible.

How exactly would I start actually implementing this? Is it even worth it or should I stick to manual exporting on physical / virtual machines?

@nymano was looking into this recently. I’m surprised github didn’t appear in our brief discussion as its actions are quite comparable to the other systems mentioned. Anyway, I’m not sure how far he got, but to answer your question, yes it should be absolutely possible. Your action/pipeline would need to do this:

  • install Csound from the command line, easily done on MacOS and Linux - on Windows this is a little tricker as many of the installers UI driven. What I typically do there is zip the Csound install dir and put it somewhere online where my action/pipeline can access it, then I download, and unzip to the expected location
  • repeat the above steps for Cabbage
  • write a script that will look through one of your instrument folders and use the CLIConvertor command line tool to export your plugins - see here for details
  • finally move your exported plugins to your pipeline/action artefact directory

That’s it in theory, let us know how it goes :+1:

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