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Hi all, just posting to ask does CsoundUnity 3.4.1 works on Unity version 2022.3.12f1 with VR?

Yes it should! I am currently developing an AR Synth for Oculus Quest using Unity 2022.3.10f1 and all is going great!
Tested on Quest 2, 3 and Pro, should work on Quest 1 too.

Hey giovanni, thank you very much for the reply! I imported the CsoundUnity package in the example project Rory demonstrated, but it is giving me a bunch of warnings. Do you know what is going on?

Thanks for reporting. I never saw those warnings, but I will investigate for the next release.
They shouldn’t have any bad effect though, so you can ignore them for now.

Hi giovanni, I have rtied to import the package again and it seems running fine except for two small issues as shown in the screenshot, but it seems not big deal. Another question is that shall I include any samples when importing the CsoundUnity Package(the right most column in the second screenshot)?

The null ref you see there is known, and it is harmless too.
It is caused by the inspector attempting to draw the VU meters while Csound is not ready yet. It has no other effects than throwing the error, and it’s editor only so you won’t see it in the build.
I will try to fix it at some point, it appeared with the latest Unity versions, I think from 2022 onwards.

[Edit] In the screenshot above I see a potential issue, having two CsoundUnity scripts in the same game object has to be avoided at all costs, as they will overwrite each other or potentially only the second one will produce an output in the AudioSource. In this case the second one doesn’t have a csd script so it will be inactive, but be aware of that.
I will try to implement a solution that makes it impossible to add two instances of CsoundUnity to the same object.

Thank you very much giovanni! I see that there are Samples like “Simple Sequencer”, “Basic Test”, and other samples in the CsoundUnity Package. What are these, and should I import them into my Unity Project?

No you don’t need to import them! They are just examples that show different functionalities and approaches. But feel free to have a look! You can remove them later from the project. They will be imported in a specific folder: Assets\Samples\CsoundUnity\3.4.1 where the last folder will change its name based on the version of the CsoundUnity package.

Thank you very much! This is so helpful!

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