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Listbox no longer appears to exist

I was looking at alternative options for the combobox, and was checking out listbox, which shows up in the widget examples list, but when I load the listbox example, it shows up blank:

There is also no item for listbox in the right click context menu of the wysiwyg GUI editor:

It looks like the example was trying to find a file called “Compositions.txt” which is not in the example folder, so I tried removing that and making some test items:

form size(400, 500), caption("Untitled"), pluginid("LtBx"), colour(39, 40, 34)
listbox bounds(10, 16, 300, 200), channel("comps"), colour("yellow"), fontcolour("black"), items("a", "b", "c")

there doesn’t even seem to be a dotted outline or anything in the gui editor when I define the bare bones element, which seems to work with every other GUI element

there does appear to be a page in the documentation on listbox :

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It’s needs updating for v.2, shouldnt be much work, I can do it when I return from vacation early next week.

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ok, no worries, was worth noting but not a high priority for me at least

I’m interested in ListBox too ! As LMMS doesn’t support Combobox, it would be the only way to load presets !

LMMS doesn’t support ComboBox? How is that possible? Does you mean natively in their own interface, or in Cabbage plugins?

I don’t know, but when I click on the combobox it’s blinking and I can’t select an option, so it’s kind of broken in lmms, and because of that there is no way to load presets directly in the Synth, I’m searching for a way to have a open button displaying a finder where the user can select a preset file

I’ll have to take a look and see what’s happening here. Having a user search for presets seems a little user un-friendly…

Thanks a lot !
Oh, I don’t think so, many Synth work this way, file open and you choose a .fxp file,
I prefer having 1 preset = 1 file, that way it’s easier to find directly the preset I want, and I can organize them the way I want in my browser you know

At the moment I can’t manage to have more than 1 file, unless I rename the file but the Synth will no longer find it, I should maybe open a thread to suggest this improvement

I’ve started working on bringing the old listbox into Cabbage v2. I’ll let you know when it’s done, but it should also be capable of loading presets for you.

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Thanks a lot, I’ll be happy to try it when it’s done !
I will also be able to use it to let the user chose a waveform !

Hey guys, I made a start at the listbox widget, as described here. Note that this one also works with presets, just like a combobox would. I’ve only tested the presets in standalone mode but it should also work in plugin mode. I’m still testing different features, but you can take it for a twirl if you like.

Mac binary here.
Windows binary here.

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Thanks so much ! Now I have a way to use presets in LMMS !

To replace combobox, it’s still not that great because it takes way more space, but I’ll keep trying with every new binary you will release and maybe one day it will work !

I know. But I think our hands are tied here on this one as I don’t have time to look into the LMMS source code to see what’s happening.

Hey Rory, sorry to open this again, but really I can’t find a simple way to manage presets :
I would like to know if it’s possible to bring back (maybe as an option) the old preset system 1file=1preset, this would let the users know what they are doing, name the preset the way they want (not force them to edit the XML file that can be confusing for some people) and eaasily share their presets

It was the way it work before, do you think you could re implement it, like a “browse” button would open a file explorer and let the user search for the preset he wants to load ?

This would be the final step to be able to release the synth I’m working on for 6 month now,

Thanks you in advance,

Let me have a think about it. I could also add a browser for preset files, thus maintaining the current system, but providing more options to users?

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Maybe that could be a solution. I’ll create a topic to explain better, because it’s not related to “listbox no longer appears…”
EDIT: Done, the topic is now created, hope this will help :slight_smile:

Hi! We (lmms) seem to have an issue with menus on plugins based on JUCE so this should also hit Cabbage and could be the issue seen here.
JUCE issue 401
LMMS issue 3918

Hey zonkmachine,

Yes, that would explain why Cabbage’s Combobox don’t work in LMMS !

Is there some hope for a fix ?

Hey @zonkmachine, have you posted this to the JUCE forum? They often seem to address issues posted there quicker than the ones on github. This seems like a big problem.

We (meaning someone else than me) may patch it on our side but it won’t be for our next release.

No. I’m not c++ savvy enough to answer any follow up questions myself.