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hi i hope everyone its ok, here, i recently got a new mac with the M1 CHIP, seems like the vst that i made with cabbagge in my earlier mac dont work propperly,( i will post a video tonight so you can see the poblem), when i press a key to play a sound it keeps reapeating that same sound over and over for ever loop, did i have to install cabbage in the M1 and exported there so it will be compatible? thanx.

To be honest I’ve never had a chance to try Cabbage on an M1 machine, but I hope to pick one up soon to test it on. Until then I can’t really offer any insight. Exporting from Cabbage on your M1 machine is not likely to make any difference, but I guess it’s worth a try :thinking:

i will try that, sorry not to answer sooner, busy making a record, as soon i do that i will show a video with the result, thanx

found the problem i changed the sample rate to 44.000 on the DAW , I WAS RECORDING AT 96, I think i have to eliminate the sample rate in the code " right"?

Correct, never set the SR in your code. :+1:

Can also confirm Cabbage and CsoundUnity working on M1 just fine.

Given that Unity supports native builds for M1 and there’s Csound for ARM, will there be a native version of CsoundUnity at some point?

That can only be answered by the Csound package maintainers for macOS. I have a universal arm64/x86_64 build of Csound here which I can share. But it might take a bit of work to get it going in CsoundUnity.

Great to hear that CsoundUnity is working properly on M1 :partying_face:
If you send me the arm build I can look into it, but not until the next weekend


Had a quick look, unfortunately Unity doesn’t support ARM (Linux) builds, have a look at this thread:
I’d switch to openframeworks, there’s an ofxCsound addon here:, but it’s 10 years old :sweat_smile:

Oh that’s a bummer. Thanks for having looked into this though!

@rorywalsh I can also confirm that Cabbage is running fine on M1 so maybe you could change the text a bit on download page regarding that. Kind regards :upside_down_face:

I will update the text when I get a chance. :+1: