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Multichannel output doesnt work 2.3.0

Hi I try to make a VST with 4 outs. But it seems like its only output is channel 1.
I didnt update for a long time, but the problem seems to be occuring since I downloaded 2.3.0.

is there some way to get an older version of cabbage ?

It’s working fine for me here. I just tried with Reaper and I was able to export a 4 channel plugin no problems. Can you share your code. I will try it and see if it works for me?

FWIW, here the simple VST effect I exported. Just plays sine waves across four channels.
MultiOut.csd (748 Bytes)

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Ok, thanks for trying it out. I’ll take a look tomorrow :+1:

Hi @einfachfelix, it’s working fine here. Kein problem. What DAW and OS are you using?

really ? it didnt give you some weird mono output ? O.o I mean sound does come out. but panning isnt possible because left and right get mixed together.
Im using windows 10. Bitwig and FL Studio both dont work for me. I also reinstalled cabbage to make shure its not an install error.

In my test I placed 4 instances of a synthesiser on four different tracks. Then I creating a single instance of your plugin. I then routed all the synths to the four inputs of your plugin. It all works fine? I’m having an issue uploading attachments at the moment, but you can see it here:!Ah4mHoWvP_GciVF4w-OoKm-npaa_?e=DRfA0E

I can also make each one mono without any issues…

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I can pan too. Let me take a look at your video. I’ll get back to you in a bit…

I can’t open that video for some reason. File format not supported. Can you describe exactly what you are trying to do. I’m struggling to recreate the problems here. I don’t doubt you have them, I just can’t recreate them. Are you sending stereo track to mono inputs, or are you splitting two stereo tracks to the two stereo pairs of a 4 channel plugin? Btw, do you have Reaper? Can you try there if you have a copy of it installed?

I just want to have stereo in to the effect. later it should get band splitted and the splitted signal should get to different channels of course as stereo sound. but it doesnt even work if i try to make a normal stereo in to stereo out plugin, that has more than 2 channels.
I dont have reaper btw

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Everything works as I expect here. If I load a stereo file onto a track I can route left or right to track in the multi-track plugin. I can also send stereo tracks to the multi-track plugin. Note that I have to route this myself.

I have a license for an older version of Bitwig. I can try it there. Just need to install it. Are you running the latest version without the grid? Es seiht cool aus.

I just downloaded Bitwig and I can’t figure out how to do this either. What’s more, I’m not even sure what we can do in Reaper is possible in Bitwig. Do you have an example of another multi-track plugin where this works? The Bitwig forums are full of questions about the same thing.

ok thats wierd :open_mouth: why the hell does this work in reaper O.o …But it also doesnt work in FL Studio but
every output channel gets the same siganl here… I´ll make a video :wink:

ok suddenly the forum tells me that I cant share a link from google drive…

I split the link for you

Can you send me a simple FL studio file to test. I really don’t know anything about that DAW, but I have a copy here. I can try it out.