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Multichannel output to Unity Audio Sources


Wondering if it is possible to route multichannel output from Csound to Unity? For example, with the Euclidean sequecer here, I would like to try to send each voice to a unique audio source.

Been a good while since I used Csound so some pointers would be most appreciated.


Hi @Nathanj, have a look at the partikkel-2 scene under Granular Synthesis Samples, you will find lots of useful code there.
You can do what you need writing something like this in Csound:

chnset achannel1, "channel1"

And then on Unity create a GameObject with the CsoundUnityChild component.
There you need to drag the CsoundUnity reference that has the csd with the above code.
You will be able to select the desired channel from the inspector.

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Wow, this is absoluetly perfect!

Thank you @giovannibedetti

I was hoping to try granular synthesis next but will more than happily start there :wink:

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