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My VST doesn't work with another system

“Cabbage instruments depend on the existence of the Csound library. In order to avoid the need for end-users to pre-install Csound you can simply distribute the Csound library with your instruments. The best way to do this is to create an installer for your instrument that installs Csound along with all of your Cabbage files. There are several easy to use package builders for both OSX and Windows that can be used to create simple all in one installers. Ask on the forum for more details.”

Hi. i’ve try to to this but i’m not sure what file(s) exactly should i add to my installer. ( i add my *.csd file , “csound64.lib” and “csound64.dll” ). when i load my VSTs in Ableton, it crash while scanning. i test it on “vst host” and it crush too. but on “Cubase”, “one studio” and “FL studio”. it works perfectly. it seems “vst host”, “ableton” and “Reaper” have this issue…

here is the link:

Sorry, I won’t be able to try this until early next week. But just to clarify, you’re trying to run your plugin on a system that didn’t have caught installed? @chronopolis might be able to help here as he has packaged Cabbage plugins for Windows before. Otherwise I will take a look when I get back from vacation.

Thanks, i asked him but i think i find the solution. i installed microsoft c++ and it worked. it seems some DAWs like “ableton” or “vsthost” won’t install microsoft c++ automatically. so… anyway! this is what i had to do for making plugins for windows:

  1. add my *.csd cabbage files into the same folder of *.dll exported plugins.
  2. use NSIS to install Csound minimal such as “csound64.dll” , “msvcp140.dll” and “vcruntime140.dll” from “Csound/bin” folder. and the whole “Csound/include” , “Csound/lib” folders.
    read this
  3. to make sure the system has “microsoft c++” i added “microsoft c++” installation to my “setup.exe” file.

i’m not sure this is a public solution, but it works for me.
and here is my plugins

Thanks for sharing. It’s always most welcome when users post solutions to these things :wink:

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