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Only left channel output in Unity

Hello Rory,

I’m testing the latest release of Csound for Unity (I’m planning to use it for a workshop I’m teaching this month) and for some reason I’m not able to get stereo output. I can only hear the left channel. What could be going wrong? Is this a limitation? I’m using the latest version of Unity (2018.2.10)



This issue was reported as fixed in version 2.1:

It’s all working fine for me here. Try replacing your CsoundUnity.cs file with this one. Maybe the packaging got messed up somehow…

Thanks Rory. I will test it later today when I get back from work. Just from looking at the file I think it will fix my issue since I was actually using the unitypackage from the releases page and the CsoundUnity.cs file from that package looks different and doesn’t contain the fix (which I’m guessing is the use of dummyClip). I’m just realizing that the package is behind from what is in master.



There are a few newer package there you might want to try too, although not much changes apart from that file.

Do you mean newer unitpackages in the release page? Because I got the latest one from there (v2.3) and it’s the one that has the outdated CsoundUnity.cs without the channel fix.

But the code relating to the output signal should still be the most up to date? Either way, let me know if it works for you now.

Thanks Rory. Replacing CsoundUnity.cs with the one from master fixed it.


Great. Maybe I should replace the unity packages with simple zip files. Might lead to less confusion? Certainly less maintenance.

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Yes, a zip with all the pre compiled libraries and Unity assets would work well too. Not as fancy as the unitpackage but if it makes life easier, why not?


Well, it would avoid have to open Unity and prepare a package. Then again, maybe I’m just being lazy!