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Pre-release Cabbage 2 for testing - part 10

This topic is to list bug as of windowsversion v2.0.21a built on 09/26/2017

This list will be updated when new bugs are discovered and corrected.

Cabbage IDE

  • When Cabbage help is opened, it is impossible to save the csd file. When the help is closed, the menu short cut become unresponsive (at least CTRL +S does not work)
  • Cabbage installer (windows only) : Cabbage does not start after install when checkbox “start cabbage” is ticked
  • Cabbage installer does not create an entry in the menu


  • When encoder attribute is active(0) , the value can nevertheless be chaged and the value is updated while spinning
  • Combobox / presets / soundfilers : see for csd example New synth beta : Morpheur
  • When a coma , is present in the text attribute like in text("Hello, I am world") , the text after the coma is not visible. The widget will display only “Hello”

The two widget issues have now been fixed. The problem with the help file is not present on Linux, but I’ve seen the issue on Windows. I will need to check on OSX…

I’ve just pushed through a fix for this.