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Preset branch unable to build

Im running into this issue when trying to build a project with CsoundUnity/preset :

Looks like this is the answer :

Want me to push the changes? or you prefer to do it in one of the active contributors account?

Ah yes, sorry for that, will fix it now!
Let me handle this :wink:
But if you want to contribute to the project, we’re happy to have you on board!
Ok fix pushed! Should be good to go!

Thank you for the update Giovanni!

Im seeing some issues after the current change, unsure where its coming from :

Any idea?

That is strange :open_mouth:
Does it happen also in a fresh project / fresh scene / fresh CsoundUnity object?
Or is it happening on an existing setup?
First thing I’d try is reset the Layout.
If that doesn’t help, maybe try to reset the CsoundUnity instance you’re working at (first save a prefab maybe if possible, or a Unity preset if the inspector is working).
Can you paste me the full error log? Which version of Unity are you using?
I pushed an hotfix yesterday and I may have broken something :grimacing:

I just added a better fix for some issues with paths, try adding the presets branch again from the PackageManager!

I don’t know what’s going on, I tried restarting things and I still have issues (although, much less, thank you!)

It might have to be related to my version of Unity (beta) or my computer (apple silicone), I’ll investigate more and keep you posted

Feel free to report any issue you have!
Please note that the Silicon editor is not supported by CsoundUnity at the moment, we are still waiting for a Csound build for M1 processors.
You have to use an Intel editor (using Rosetta2) for now.
But it’s indeed interesting testing new Unity versions so definitely keep us posted!

AHHH!!! That must be it!

weird, I got Cabbage to run with no issues, but CsoundUnity is giving me some problems.

I think that Cabbage is compiled for Intel so it runs using Rosetta on Silicon Macs, am I right @rorywalsh?

For now this is correct. But the new version of Csound will support M1 macs. Should be out in a few weeks. :+1: I can send a link to an M1 build if you want to start including it already?

edit: here is the installer Victor sent me. Note it’s NOT an official release, but I don’t think it’s a million miles from it either.


Thank you both for the help and support!

@Sh_Dev I don’t have time to do this until the next week weekend probably, but if you want to try, after installing that package you should go under /System/Library/Frameworks/ , grab the CsoundLib64.framework (or whatever is called now), convert it into a .bundle, and copy it under the CsoundUnity/Runtime/macOS folder.
Then on Unity you have to set it to be used as a Silicon plugin only. Leave the existing one as Intel Macos Plugin.
I think you could need a specific version of Unity to do this, for sure above 2021 (when they introduced the M1 builds)

Thanks! Im flying tomorrow so Im not sure I’ll have time to do it either.
If I do I’ll let you guys know. thanks again!

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