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Procedural instruments

For those interesting I’ve attached a few simple procedural instruments that I was tinkering with over the past few weeks. The small motors and gunshots instruments are based on Andy Farnell’s models. The modal impacts instrument is lifted almost straight from the Csound manual, while the storm instruments is just a simple white noise generator with some band pass filters. The bells instruments uses the fmbell opcode, and is also more or less a copy of the Csound manual entry for that opcode.

I’d love to see any edits, modifications, or improvements you might be able to offer.

Stormy.csd (2.0 KB)
mode.csd (5.6 KB)
SmallMotor.csd (4.4 KB)
Bells.csd (1.8 KB)
GunShot.csd (2.8 KB)

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Wow, this is brilliant, thanks! I can’t wait to understand the code!
I still have the problem with Fmod anyway :confused:

Here’s another stormy weather sound effects generator. Maybe you can sync the thunder (lightning) to a lighting effect in a game - paying due attention to discrepancies between the speed of sound and the speed of light of course. It would also be really easy to imitate the rain hitting different objects - an umbrella, a bucket - using modal synthesis. Stormy II.csd (4.1 KB)

This is excellent Iain. I’m enjoying how easy you make this! I’ve attached a very simple fire instrument based on something one of my students, Eric Grehan, showed me in class. I’ve swapped his use of the noise opcode for the dust2 which I think give better crackle/ The low rumble needs a bit of work. It’s not aggressive enough.

Fire.csd (1.8 KB)

Here’s a fog horn which could probably be created in a much simpler way. I modeled it off a single sample which was a bad idea. I should have modeled it off lots of different samples.

FogHorn.csd (1.8 KB)

This sounds really good. Could be a ship’s horn also.

I have some nice fire recordings so I’ll have a go at that one when I get a chance.

Ha, I always thought that is what the ship’s horn was called!

I just googled fog horn! I think I should change the name of that file, I was thinking of a ships horn when I created it.

You’re a bit of a landlubber then?

Here is your original Fire with a few changes… Fire II.csd (2.2 KB)

Here it is again, this time using Andy Farnell’s model for the lapping of the flames. It’s definitely more aggressive, but I find it a little too much.

Fire III.csd (2.2 KB)

And here is a very simple siren type instrument. We’re building up quite a scene here! We need some footsteps now. I made some a while back, but they weren’t great. They worked Ok in a single context, but the instrument wasn’t generic enough to be able to change the surface which kind of makes it quite useless.

PoliceSiren.csd (2.0 KB)

Btw, do you think your bubbles instrument could be modified to make it more generic, so that we could say create bubbling water, or even dripping sounds? Some dripping sounds in the foreground would make your rain sound even more convincing.

If you use the ‘mix’ control with the rain effect it should crossfade between a denser rain texture and what is supposed to be a foreground texture with individual ‘drips’. Maybe the drips could be improved though, and as you suggest, based on the other existing work. I think a separate ‘river’ model would be useful with control over the depth and speed of the river. Granular synthesis might work for this. Nice siren! You seem to be devouring Andy Farnell’s book at the moment.

I’ve no other choice, it’s literally the only book out there. And it’s a good book too i think. But I’m having some difficulties converting some of his PD patches to Csound instruments. Anyway, Iain, write a book on procedural audio. The world needs another one!

Should I be able to export these as FMOD plugins? I don’t seem to have such option in the Cabbage and I’d like to try these out in Unreal.

Hi guys, these are incredible contribution to cabbage. May I suggest that Rory adds a specific database to cabbage stew? Please also, don’t forget @iainmccurdy
's sword sound made upon my request.
Congrats and thanks to you, Prof geek guys!

You’re on Windows right? I can see about updating the plugin. Leave with with me.

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I just doubled checked and the dll file is actually still being included with Cabbage. although you can not export directly from Cabbage. In the interim, you can simply follow these instructions. Basically you copy and rename the fmod_csound.dll so that it matches the name of your .csd file, while maintaining the .dll extension. It should work then.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer, it works great now. :slight_smile: This is exciting!