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Question Regarding Collaborative Projects Using a Cabbage FMOD Plugin


I’m currently planning to use a Cabbage plugin I made for FMOD in a UE4 project I’m working on as a Sound Designer.

The Csound plugin works fine on my end on FMOD and the FMOD event that uses the plugin also works without a problem in Unreal, but the people I’m collaborating with on the project can’t make the built FMOD event work.

Is it a necessity to have Csound installed on your computer in order to make built FMOD events work in the engine if they use the a Cabbage plugin? What are some best practices regarding that in using Cabbage FMOD plugins in collaborative projects where other people might not have Csound installed?

Thanks in advance!

End users will need to have Csound installed. On Windows you will need to put Csound somewhere in the main system path. Its csound64.dll that needs to be found. On OSX you can relink the exported so that it tries to use a specific Csound package. Or just install Csound in the usual place before running the games.

While the Csound FMOD plugin is useful tool for quickly prototyping effects, I don’t think it’s quite production ready in terms of being easily distributable. If you do wish to use it on lager projects you will need to sort out best to include Csound.

The current dev branch of CsoundUnity bundles Csound into the game data folder. This works quite well, and might be something that is worth exploring in this context. But I’ve very little experience with FMOD, or UE4.

Ok, I see. Thanks for the comprehensive answer! I’m talking with one of the programmers in the project to see what we might be able to do about it

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