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Set up gentable to control multiple opcodes quickly

Hello. My goal is to control 10 comb filter frequencies with a gentable. The gentable should have 10 blocks/sliders. Slider 1 controls the frequency of filter 1 slider 2 controls the frequency for filter2 …
The reason i want to use one gentable for this instead of 10 sliders is so i can change the values with one mouse drag instead of 10 like in the example file GEN/GEN02.

Welcome to the forum @sdjifv, I’m not sure I would do this with the gentable anymore. But since you asked, here is a basic example which controls 10 oscillators. I’ll leave it up to you to modify it for the comb filters.

gen02_Oscils.csd (862 Bytes)

Thank you very much this cleared things up for me. What would be the better way?

You could draw the sliders in realtime using SVG data, but it’s a little more complex. You gain far more control over how the thing looks, but it’s harder to implement. If you’re just trying to get a prototype working, then perhaps stick with the gentable approach. :+1:

Ok thank you.