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Skew (log. sliders) in CsoundUnity

I recently started playing with the skew setting on a slider to get logarithmic values. It worked great in Cabbage! but unfortunately doesn’t seem to translate well to CsoundUnity.

It might be related to the limit on incremental numbers in Unity?
It would really help if I had more than 2 values after the dot. (I need to create numbers like 0.0002. Again - works great in Cabbage but doesn’t translate to CsoundUnity)

Here’s an example of a slider that goes from 0 to 1, and the value 0.2 displayed in Cabbage and in CsoundUnity. In Cabbage it passes the mid point of the slider, in Unity its 20% of the slider (meaning - its linear, not logarithmic)


Good spot.
We had plans to implement it but then I completely forgot. I will add it in the next minor version together with Presets.
Be aware that when setting channels with C# code you will still have to handle that yourself.
The ideal solution for this would be adding a SetChannelAbsolute (or SetChannelNormalized) method, where you can specify a normalized value between the channel min and max (and maintain the skew of course).
I will think about it!

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Thank you so much!